Anti Bullying Fund –
In support of Bullied rights


The fund is for children and adults who go to court to try their case against a school or an employee. The Fund are available to help during the following cases:

1. Has brought action for damages for bullying in court,

2. Has failed to succeed in its action;

3. Has order to pay the defendant’s costs,

4. And/or has no possibility paying its debt through legal protection insurance.

The Fund are not intended to pay lawyers, anti-discrimination agencies or other legal departments, but have the primary purpose of being able to enter into cases where a child or adult has been required to pay the legal costs.

For example, many municipalities and independent schools have insurance policies that help them when a child opens a complaint against them. The schools also has, without such insurance, much more financial resources to fight a child who is bringing an action in to court. The costs, which a child may sometimes be forced to pay in court cases of bullying and discrimination, is often large sums – usually between 100 000 and 250 000 SEK – which few families are able to pay.

Conditions to apply for funds


The applicant must be able to present a judgment in a case of damages for abuse connected to bullying (Chapter 6 of the school law) or discrimination (law of discrimination) from a district court, court of appeal or the Supreme Court where it is found that the applicant has been convicted to pay all or part of the schools costs. From the verdict, the amount of the applicant the child is required to pay the principal is stated.

The fund’s purpose is to support the children who have had reasonable grounds for bringing proceedings and who have had a representative with sufficient knowledge required to conduct such an action. As a rule, the child should be represented by a lawyer with a procedural problem, such as a lawyer, law firm or anti-discrimination agency. If there are special reasons for this, the Fund may choose to waive this rule.

The applicant shall prove that the legal protection in the home insurance is insufficient to pay the costs of the opposing party or that he or she lacks home insurance and therefore can not avail himself of that possibility.

Decisions on payment from the Fund shall be taken by an educated lawyer or another person who has acquired the corresponding competence. A lawyer who handles the request for payment must not himself have been a representative in the case of the application.

The final decision who’s applicants that are granted will be taken by the board members of Make a Change four times per year ( every quarter )


The fund is created by Make a change founder Christian Nordenström in consultation with the lawyers Daniel Ahl and Catherina Koninska Isacson.

Application process

The application process starts 15th of November 2020, and the deadline for applications is 15th of May, 2020. Decisions will be made by the end of May. Future rounds of funding will also occur, pending availability of funds.

While being reviewed, all applicants will remain anonymous. All identifying information provided will be secured in order to protect the confidentiality of the applicants. Once submitted, all application forms will be stored according to GDPR. If Make a Change is not able to grant assistance at this time and you continue to need support, we encourage applicants to reapply in the next round of funding.

If you you need help paying for your legal costs, please complete the application form, providing all required information and provide supporting documentation. A decision will be made about your application within a month of the deadline for submission. A notification of determination will be emailed and/or mailed to the address you have provided below. Please note that incomplete applications may not be considered.

We are aware that the following questions are highly personal and sensitive. While you may choose not to answer any questions that you find objectionable, your assistance will help us determine the allocation of the available funds.

Determinations on all applications will be based on the level of need faced by individual defendants. The purpose of the Anti-bullying fund is to put solidarity into action. As such, particular consideration will be given to the needs of defendants that result from structural inequalities including colonialism, race, gender, sexuality, class and ableism.

If you need assistance filling out this application, please email

Note: Although Make a Change wishes it had the ability to fund the legal costs of all applicants, it cannot. There is no guarantee funds will be granted based on the submission of this application.

Application form (another form coming)

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