To be bullied & to bully others!


How is it to grow up in a small village in the south of Sweden? Where everyone knows everyone and always are having an eye on eachother? How is it to come with your family to Swedenas a foreigner?

To support five children on grants was impossible with all the requirements that existed. Going on holidays with the family was not on the map. Also not be in a variety of sports clubs. The latest technology stuff was just to forget. But also new clothes. I remember so clearly that I used the same pants every day in sixth grade, something that everyone else in my class also noticed – and bullied me for.

The bullying escalated, moved into racism and lasted threwout the entire middle school. But before I left school me together with other girls in the class exposed another classmate of bullying. I remember in detail what we did with her, and therefor know from personal experience, that bullying also hunts you with bad memories through life.

Today I am a profiled journalist who openly shares the stories from my upbringing to strengthen others. An inspirational lecture that hopefully will get one and another to think about, why do we bully and how you can turn the bullying into something positive?


The aim is to make the students to think. Why do we bully? And what happens within the person who is bullied? How do they feel several years later? For teachers, the lecture helps to detect bullying and help them dare to say when they see something that does not belong in a school environment.

And to all the others, who do not bully or being bullied – the mission is to get them involved. Make them stand up for those who are exposed, for the comfort and comfort of others. The school should not be a place where you get stomach ache out of going there or being in. And it’s actually only the students themselves who can change it.


The lecture is for students and teachers.

Andra Föreläsningar

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