Teaser <i> Season 2 <i>

Teaser Season 2

Teaser – Season 2 It’s finally time for season 2. This season, the creator of the Mobbningspodden and the founder of Make a Change Christian Nordenström will be reinforced by Maria Oldenstedt, the creator of the popular podcast Psykopatpodden. This season, we will deep further into the topic of bullying, focusing on the underlying factors, preventive methods, psychology, and most…

S1E11 – Sussi <i> Olssen</i>

S1E11 – Sussi Olssen

Sussis family comes from Iran and actually has a persian surname, but chooses to call herself Olssen. Among other things, because she has personal experience of bullying and alienation because of her foreign appearance. When she was struck by nasty slander on social media, Olssen decided: she will ordain her life to fight bullying! In this week’s episode we talk…

S1E10 – Sina <i> Samadi </i>

S1E10 – Sina Samadi

Sina Samadi better known as the popular artist Sean Banan has been traveling all over the country for over 10 years shaking his butt with the swedish people. What we should not forget, however, is that there has always been an underlying seriousness and a strong purpose for his entertainment. For many years, the work on bullying has been something…

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