An App created for children and young people

FIGHT BACK is an app created for children and young people with the purpose of giving them support as well as giving them more knowledge about bullying and cyberbullying through a digital channel. The app is completely free to download and will be available via AppStore or GooglePlay.

Why an App?

The purpose of the app is to offer a modern channel for vulnerable children and young people to easily get in touch with an organization for support, chat, search about bullying, or watch educational films with tips and advices on what to do if you are exposed to cyberbullying or bullying in school. They will also be able to contact other organizations that offer support directly through the app.

The app is also aiming to be a support function for schools as a complement to their own value-based work. With the help of an external support channel like Fight Back, we hope to be able to help schools in their work against bullying.

Below you can read more about some of the app's features.


In the app there will be short educational films aiming to increase both the knowledge of bullying among children and young people, but also to help the victims. What can you do practically if you are exposed to cyberbullying? What should the school do? What should I think of and how should I act? The questions are many and that’s exactly what these movies should answer.


The victim of bullying can easily chat directly with us via the app. Our support volunteers have many different backgrounds and are of all ages, but at least 25 years old. Everyone who wants to become support volunteers is carefully interviewed, gets a solid education, and must extract documents from the police department.


Via Fight Back the users will be able to report incidents that occur at the school the user enters, such as physical bullying, verbal bullying, psychological bullying and cyberbullying. The victim may also choose to talk directly with us threw our chat about what has happened and get advices about the incident.

Questions & Answers

why an app?

The amount of young people using the internet for more than three hours a day has more than doubled in just over a decade (quadrupled among 9-12 years old), and in just six years, the usage among the younger ones increased by 12 times. Depreciated by age groups and gender, the proportion of high consumers may be even bigger, eg 76% of 15-year-old girls use the mobile phone for more than 3 hours / day and 79% of 18-year-old boys use the internet for more than 3 hours / day.

With the smart phones and the breakthrough of the mobile Internet access, the terms and conditions have changed fundamentally. Today you do not have a phone in your pocket. Now you carry a computer, a tv, a radio, a game console and large parts of the world’s total music and most of the information ever produced.

It is precisely for this reason that our focus is on creating tools that can be used in the platform where children and young people spend the most time, and that accessibility and support for vulnerable people come closer to the victim.

If you would like to know more about Fight Back, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

hools and workplaces can work on their own and/or together with us.

How does the App work?

The app is easy to use:

  1. Register with name, age, gender and school. You also have the option to register an email address of a person you trust and you want to know immediately when something happens.
  2. After registration, your registered data is stored and protected according to GDPR
  3. READY! You can now, for example, send reports to us if you’ve been bullied at your school, watch short films with advices on how to act if you’ve been subjected to violations or chat directly with a Make a Change support volunteer regarding what happened to you.
What happens with the reports?

All reports submitted are reviewed by Make a Change and compiled. This material will then be sent to the relevant school and responsible municipality for information regarding the incident. According to the school law, all incoming complaints shall be investigated regardless of how they are reported.


The app also stores statistics such as in which age groups, which municipalities or where in school the bullying is most common eg in the corridor, in the locker room or on the internet. These statistics Make Change will use to compile a yearly national report.

Who can download the App?

All children and young people with access to a mobile phone, a tablet or computer will be able to download the app for free.

Who can get the App?

When the app is launched, it will be available for download via AppStore and GooglePlay, and of course, free of charge. The app will be launched april 2019.

Sponsor us

As a company, municipality, school or association there are different ways to support the work with Fight Back. For example, you can Invite us to a information meeting for your company or school where we get the opportunity to tell you more about the app, or you can contribute financially with any amount for the development.

If you as a company wanna have a deeper cooperation, you can also become Main sponsor or Functionality sponsor where, for example, you can sponsor the various educational videos that will be presented in the app (… in cooperation with) or you can become the main sponsor and directly communicate your company in connection with the app as a whole. Then you will be communicated on all communication material related to the app, both digital and printed.

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    Ideella föreningen Make a Change
    Odengatan 21
    114 24 Stockholm, Sweden

    010-175 76 76 (m-f 10-17)
    Orgnr: 802497-2450
    Bankgiro: 326-4512
    Swish: 123 08 33 780

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