Live or die?


Many people are struggling every day with their past and many years of being bullied in school. The thoughts of how to build a façade, lying and protecting oneself over the years affect not only one’s self, but also the surroundings and even the relationships – whether you’re a child or an adult. The responsibility lies with us all to change this negative pattern that affects people’s health, where even a big number of people every year choose to end their own life.

The lecture is about daring to talk emotions and to question the work that is being done today to counteract bullying regardless of location. The importance of making their voices heard and the consequences that may arise when you become a victim of bullying as a child or adult. History shows that people who do not dare to talk, discuss and openly show their emotions will end up in a situation where everything is flawed. In the long run, this easier leads to a meltdown then if you sit down at a table and resolve conflicts in a civilised way.

The lecture is structured as a conversation from a guy who learned the hard and long way. It is important to openly share their mistakes and fears and the feeling that arises when you have a tough history behind it. During the lecture, an open dialogue with the audience is also conducted on how everyone is affected by the tougher climate in schools today.


We highlight tools linked to the school and how we together should think and act regardless of whether a child or an adult is affected by offensive discrimination.

The goal is for everyone to get a different picture of bullying, alienation and its effects and become more motivated to be a part of the change. We all have, regardless of age, work position, gender, political opinion or sexual orientation a responsibility to ensure that no people in our environment are offended. Do you do what you can today, or maybe you could do more?


The lecture is for students and parents and can be adapted according to agegroups.

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