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Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn. The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. There are a number of things we can do to make schools safer and prevent bullying.

Training students to prevent and address bullying can help sustain bullying prevention efforts over time. Read more about how we work with our academy and how you can be part of it.


We offer students formal academy programs to help them learn more about bullying prevention. Schools can incorporate the topics of our academy into lessons and activities.

DELIVERED TO: Children / Students

DURATION: Full day


RECOMMENDED GROUP SIZE: minimum 50 or maximum 100 students ( several schools can collaborate and build bridges between them during the academy )

Examples of activities we teach about bullying includes:

  • Internet or library research, such as looking up types of bullying, how to prevent it, and how kids should respond
  • Presentations, such as a speech or role-play on stopping bullying
  • Discussions about topics like reporting bullying
  • Creative writing, such as a poem speaking out against bullying or a story or skit teaching bystanders how to help
  • Artistic works, such as a collage about respect or the effects of bullying
  • Classroom meetings to talk about peer relations.


The Academy has big focus on creative elarning. It is designed to decrease bullying at school and help students build more supportive relationships with eachother. The academy focuses on developing the skills of students to develop a school-wide approach to bullying, while also train students to make and keep friends, as well as recognise, resist and report bullying behaviour.


We offer an open academy for students between 12-16 years of age 3 times per year.

The academy course are one full day and the dates offered for 2021 are the following:

20th – 21st of June

26th – 27th of September

12th – 13th of December

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    Ideella föreningen Make a Change
    Odengatan 21
    114 24 Stockholm, Sweden

    010-175 76 76 (m-f 10-17)
    Orgnr: 802497-2450
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    Swish: 123 08 33 780

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