Our lectures is intended for students, administrators, teachers, parents and workplaces as an introduction to the prevalence and implications of adolescent bullying.

Live or die?

Many people in Sweden struggle every day with their past and many years of bullying in school or at their workplace. The thoughts of building a facade, lying and protecting themselves through the years, affects not only them, but also the environment and their relationships - whether they are a child or an adult.

Tensibility, transparency & presentability

In the lecture we are talking about the importance of focusing on the victim's perspective and making use of the existing legislation to create predictability for both victims, perpetrators and parents in the work against bullying.

To be bullied & to bully others!

To all extras, who neither are bullied nor a bully - how do we get them involved? How do we get them to stand up for those who are exposed for everyone's well-being. The school should not be a place that causes stomach pain every day.

Outside the norm!

It is not someone's disposition or gender identity that creates mental illness and/or exclusion. It is ignorance and the standards we have created in our society. We wanna help increase knowledge and break these standards. Studies among young gays and bisexuals show that 68% of women and 45% of men have been abused in the last three months. At the same time, every other transperson in Sweden has been thinking about taking his or her life. That and much more, we must dare to talk about!

Who am I?

The lecture "Who am I?" basically deals with bullying with focus on HBTQ, social media and the struggle to try to find oneself. There are so many lost souls out there that we can help and the goal during this lecture is to capture them, but also to educate people about the subject HBTQ. We also highlight the problem of social media. Social media is a major part of many people's everyday lives and it is so important that we use them properly and are aware of what's happening out there. We also raise subjects such as physical and mental abuse, suicide / suicide attempt and mental illness.

Things easily get out of hand!

During our student lecture we illustrate what cyberbullying and digital violations is, what's ok and not ok when using social media and, in fact also going through laws and regulations. Is it ok to create a hate group? Can you put an infringing picture or video clip about another person? Can you write anything offensive about another person on your private blog? Is it a joke to tag others in the wrong way or to expose someone to a Facerape? What is the difference between a joke and harassment?

What can I do?

Hate groups on Facebook, conflicts on Instagram, blogging, hanging out someone with embarrassing or offensive images, cyberbullying and digital violations. Many parents are hand-held and ask themselves how to act and talk with their children if problems arise, often problems that they have no knowledge of. In this lectures we give practical advises how to handle these issues.

How do we prevent adult bullying in workplaces?

Our goal is that the participants in this lecture should understand what adult bullying and other offensive discrimination means and what kind of suffering and financial damage it causes. Participants should understand the work of healthy factors instead of risk factors. How to prevent these problems and what to do if they still occur. From recruiting an employee through the time within the business to a possible termination. Meaning how to create a non-dysfunctional workplace.

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