Project 300

PROJECT 300 is an education focusing on cyberbullying with the aim of increasing the knowledge about social media. Over the next three years, we aim to offer 300 schools around Sweden a free education focusing on teachers and how to handle and counteract cyberbullying.

The rapid development in social media has both positive and negative effects on our society. In our online education we review some of the most popular social platforms such as ex. Facebook, Instagram,, Kik and Snapchat. The purpose of the education is to get a deeper insight into all functions as well as how to handle the problems and “risks” that are linked to these platforms eg cyberbullying, harrassments and other types of online abuse.




Teachers and staff



Preventive work cyberbullying

Raise awareness social media

Improve communication


The program is mainly intended for those who are teachers, principals, school counselors, school nurses and social or recreation educators. Parts of the program also involves students and parents. The examples that are included in the course come from both primary and secondary school and real events. If the training is to be carried out at a school, it is most effective if as many people as possible at the same school attends the course, thus creating a consensus that benefits the continuous work.


The education is designed in three stages and is primarily focusing on schools and teachers. The purpose of the education is to strengthen the communication, the understanding and the collaboration between teachers, students and parents through active meetings. At the end of the training, staff will receive a diploma with the aim that all participants have understood every moment of the education.


Lectures and workshops for teachers, parents and students. Review of social media, network challenges, how we communicate with each other about social media, what responsibilities are, what does the law say, and how we can jointly counteract cyberbullying.

Tools for continuous work are applied to the school for later evaluation.


Licensing of teachers in social media. A digital follow-up that ensures that schools and teachers have taken care of the education and where we also demand that everyone has understood the importance of working together on this issue.


After approved education, active tools that the school can use in its ongoing work remains, and the school receives its license. This license will then be followed up every year in order for the license to be retained.

We have already begun to collect notifications for the program. If you are interested and wants to know more, please fill in an application form below with your contact information and we will get back to you soon.

Expressions of Interest

So far we have over 50 schools that has shown interest in the project. Register your interest for the program via the form below and we will send you additional information.

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