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The lecture is based on bullying and LGBT (homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer). We talk a lot about our own experiences about how it is to grow up in a smaller society and daily be exposed to bullying throughout the school hours. We also talk about how it is today, after we finished school. We also bring up subjects such as physical and mental abuse, suicide/suicide attempts, self-harm, mental illness, social media and exclusion. But we also talk about dreams and the future.

We also highlight the problems surrounding social media. Social media is a big part of many people’s everyday lives and it is so important that we use these in the right way and are aware of what is happening out there.


There are so many lost souls out there that we can help and the goal is to capture these souls during this lecture, but also to inform and educate people in the subject of LGBTQ and social media.


The lecture is for students and teachers and can be adapted depending on the grade.

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Ideella föreningen Make a Change
Odengatan 21
114 24 Stockholm, Sweden

010-175 76 76 (m-f 10-17)
Orgnr: 802497-2450
Bankgiro: 326-4512
Swish: 123 08 33 780

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