9% have been exposed to adult bullying in their workplaces!

Workplace bullying is a costly epidemic, and the onus is on management to establish and enforce a strong, consistent corporate culture that stops the inclination to bully before the behavior starts.

Adult bullying has become more attentive in the media in recent years. Unlike bullying among children, this type is often not in the form of violence or intimidation, but tends to have a more systematic and psychological form. For example, exclusion from social contexts, subtle spikes or false rumors. A study from the Swedish Work Environment Authority shows that about 10 percent of all working adults are exposed to bullying every year.

We offer workplaces lectures, workshops, coaching and formal investigations with focus on resolving issues connected to workplace bullying.


Being proactive and providing your employees with information on workplace harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence helps to foster a respectful workplace.

Our educators teach your employees how to respect each other’s differences and work together as a team. We customize workshops and lectures to fit your organization and educate in a style that is informal, engaging, and easy to understand. As a result, all employees, regardless of education, experience, and employment level, easily learn and apply new skills.


Our professional business and leadership coaches help your organization integrate the our concept by calling on individuals to be accountable for their own actions. Coaching offers a safe, supportive space to explore how an individual’s personality style is either helping or hindering respectful workplace dynamics. It is one of the most effective strategies for making positive, lasting change at a personal level that adds value to the organization as a whole.

We provide customized coaching programs to help employees and leaders learn more about their own strengths as well as areas for personal growth that will empower them to improve their performance and achieve greater career satisfaction.


When employees bring forward concerns, or even formal complaints under your organization’s policy, it is critical that some type of resolution will be achieved in order to avoid continued escalation of the issue, costly litigation, media headlines and employee disengagement. In collaboration with trained investigators we offer a sustainable external, impartial investigation inspired by the Norwegian method "Faktaundersökelse". It is much better to be proactive than reactive!
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